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7th Class Telugu Text Book 2023

Hello, Parents and Teachers, from here, you can download the 7th Class Telugu TextBook in PDF format. Getting a high score in the 7th Telugu Exams is possible when the student reads, understands, and learns all concepts from the SCERT book for Class 7 Telugu.

We have provided Telugu textbooks for both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Students.

Telangana 7th Class Telugu Book 2023

Telugu 1st Language Download
Telugu 2nd Language Download

Andhra Pradesh 7th Class Telugu Book 2023

Class VII Telugu Text Book – Nava Vasantham Download
Class VII Telugu Text Book – Tene Chinukulu Download

Chapter Wise AP Telugu Textbooks

AP Class 7th Primary Telugu Textbooks

Below the table, you can find the 7th class Telugu textbook lessons PDF. ie., given pdf file as it is the official website of Andhra Pradesh State council of education research and training (SCERT).

7th Telugu – Nava Vasantham

Cover Download
Introduction Download
Chapter 1 Download
Chapter 2 Download
Chapter 3 Download
Chapter 4 Download
Chapter 5 Download
Chapter 6 Download
Chapter 7 Download
Chapter 8 Download
Chapter 9 Download
Chapter 10 Download
Chapter 11 Download
Chapter 12 Download
Chapter 13 Download
Chapter 14 Download
Chapter 15 Download
Chapter 16 Download

7th Telugu – Tene Chinukulu

Class VII EM English Download
Class VII EM Maths Download
Class VII EM Science Download
Class VII EM Social Studies Download
Class VII HM Hindi (Bal Baghicha) Download
Class VII HM Hindi (Bala Vasant) Download
Class VII TM Maths Download
Class VII TM Science Download
Class VI TM Telugu (Tene Chinukulu) Download
Class VI TM Social Studies Download

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