Karnataka State Syllabus Textbooks PDF Download 2023 – 2024

Kannada Text Books pdf 2023 – 2024

This is the hub page of the Kannada Text Books pdf. On this page, we have listed the links of the 1st standard to 12th standard KTBS books pdf.

KTBS School Text Books

The textbooks are listed class-wise and students can download them by clicking on the respective KSEEB Books Online links provided below.

1st Standard Kannada Text Books
2nd Standard Kannada Text Books
3rd Standard Kannada Text Books
4th Standard Kannada Text Books
5th Standard Kannada Text Books
6th Standard Kannada Text Books
7th Standard Kannada Text Books
8th Standard Kannada Text Books
9th Standard Kannada Text Books
10th Standard Kannada Text Books
11th Standard Kannada Text Books
12th Standard Kannada Text Books

Here we are providing the books to download Latest Edition (2023-24 Academic Year) totally free.

How to Download KTBS Books Online?

If you are looking to download Karnataka Textbook Society (KTBS) books online, there are a few steps you can follow. The KTBS is a government organization that is responsible for publishing and distributing textbooks for students from 1st standard to 12th standard in Karnataka. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download KTBS books online:

  • Visit the official website of the KTBS – https://textbooks.karnataka.gov.in/textbooks/en
  • On the homepage, click on the “Textbooks” tab in the main menu.
  • Select the standard of the textbook you want to download from the dropdown menu.
  • A list of subjects for the selected standard will appear. Click on the subject for which you want to download the textbook.
  • You will now see a list of textbooks for the selected subject. Click on the textbook you want to download.
  • A new page will open, where you can choose the language and format (PDF or eBook) in which you want to download the textbook.
  • Select the language and format and click on the “Download” button.
  • The KTBS textbook will now be downloaded to your device.

Note: The e-book of KSEEB can be downloaded by the students from the official website of the KTBS as well as from our website.

Downloading KTBS textbooks online is a convenient way for students to access the required study materials from anywhere at any time. By following the above steps, you can easily download KTBS textbooks for all standards and subjects.

Last Updated: 20th June 2023

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